The HMHV minor is a great opportunity for all students looking for a well-defined pre-health undergraduate curriculum.  It offers students an interdisciplinary portfolio of core courses and a selection of complementary electives designed to prepare students interested in pursuing a variety of careers in health and medicine.  The HMHV minor provides all students interested in health professions such as public health, medicine, and health policy with a strong foundation in broad range of health care issues (including social determinants, disparities, cultural competence, and medical ethics) relevant to the specific circumstances of New Mexico, as well as the national and global context of medicine and health today.  The HMHV minor makes available courses developed within and taught by dynamic faculty specialists from the Combined BA/MD Degree Program.  The minor is open to all undergraduates majoring in Arts & Sciences and University College degrees.  HMHV courses for the minor are offered in the Spring semester of each academic year, except for HMHV 1110 in the fall, and do not have pre-requisites.


HMHV 1110 - Fall only

Social Contours of Health

Seminar exploring ethnic, economic, demographic and geographic variables impacting public health in New Mexico and the Southwest. Topics include access to health care; local alternatives to medical treatment; cultural definitions of health, illness and death.


HMHV 2110 - Spring only

Literature, Fine Arts, and Medicine

Seminar exploring links among health, illness, literature and the arts, encompassing a diverse range of forms and genres. Topics include representations of health, illness, and medicine; arts as therapy; medical history in literature and art.

HMHV 301 - Spring only

Health Economics, Politics, and Policy

Seminar exploring political and economic forces that impact health care policies and practices. Topics include political and economic forces impacting health care; health care reform; the institutional and political organization of medicine.

HMHV 310 - Spring only

Health and Cultural Diversity

Seminar exploring cultural variables that affect the experience and practice of health and health care: how culture, ethnicity, race, and gender inform ideas of health and illness, death, dying, and the patient-physician relationship.

HMHV 401 - Spring only

Ethics, Medicine, and Health

Seminar exploring ethical and legal considerations that influence medical practices and decision-making. Topics include contemporary ethical and moral issues in medicine; and a comparative and critical analysis of relationship between professional ethics and personal beliefs.


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