Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the courses designed for?
The Health, Medicine and Human Values courses are designed with pre-health students in mind, but are open to any interested student. These courses are intended for students interested in health professions such as public health, medicine, and health policy. The courses will build a strong foundation in various aspects in health care (social determinants, disparities, cultural competence, ethics, etc.). They will also assist students planning to take the 2015 MCAT that includes the new section of “Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior".

Who provides these courses?
The Combined BA/MD Degree Program joint hired faculty with many College of Arts and Sciences academic departments to offer additional sections of the Health, Medicine and Human Values seminars in the areas of reflective writing, medical sociology, health communication, health economics, and medical ethics to the UNM population. It was always in the program’s goals to extend its resources to the UNM community. With the partnered efforts of the college and the program, we are excited to begin offering the HMHV seminars every spring semester (with the exception of HMHV 1110 offered in fall semesters).

Why are the courses restricted?
The HMHV courses require “Instructor Permission” and/or “SPCAPP” (special approval) overrides because some sections offered are for students in the BA/MD Program and some sections are for HMHV minors and/or any interested student.  By requiring an override, we can clarify which sections are for whom.

Health, Medicine & Human Values

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