Minor Requirements for students outside the BA/MD Program

(21 Hours)

Students who complete 12 hours of Health, Medicine, and Human Values (HMHV) seminars may receive a minor in Health, Medicine, and Human Values by completing another 9 hours of distribution requirements from the list of courses below. Students must achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above in all 21 hours submitted for the HMHV minor. 15 of the 21 hours for the minor must be upper division (300/400-level courses).

21 Hours as follows:

12 Hours hours of the following HMHV seminars:

 HMHV 1110 Social Contours of Health  3  
 HMHV 2110 Literature, Fine Arts, and Medicine3
 HMHV 301 Health Economics, Politics, and Policy3
 HMHV 310 Health and Cultural Diversity3
 HMHV 401 Ethics, Medicine, and Health3

In addition to the HMHV courses above, nine hours from the list of distribution requirements below must be completed. At least three hours of the distribution requirements must be from a 400-level course. All courses must be upper division (300/400 level). Note: No substitutions will be allowed, except in the case of a 400-level special topics course with a clear emphasis in health/medicine. Consult the HMHV academic advisor. Some the of the courses below require pre-requisites, and students need to plan accordingly. 

 CJ 314 Intercultural Communication
 CJ 450 Health Communication
 ECON 335 Health Economics
 ECON 410 Topics in Health Economics
 ENGL 413 Scientific, Environmental, and Medical Writing
 HIST 414 Women and Health in American History
 HIST 415 The History of Reproduction
 HIST 416 History and Disease in the Southwest
 HIST 417 History of Modern Medicine
 PHIL 368 Biomedical Ethics
 PSYC 324 Infant Development
 PSYC 329 Adolescent Psychology
 PSYC 421 Advanced Development Psychology
 PSYC 374 Cultural Psychology
 POLS 376 Health Policy and Politics
 SIGN 352 Language and culture in the Deaf Community Part 1
 SOCI 310 Sociology of Aging and the Aged
 SOCI 340 Sociology of Medical Practice
 SOCI 346 Health and Social Inequalities I
 SOCI 347 Health and Social Inequalities II
 SPAN 301 Topics in Hispanic Culture and Language – allowed when health/medical content is appropriate and approved by a BA/MD advisor


For an override to register for an HMHV course please complete the HMHV Override MS Office Form.  These courses are first come first served, and an override doesn't guarantee a seat in the course.